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The Benefits of Social Media for Athletics Fundraising

You may not work for a start-up or corporate business, but that shouldn’t stop you from investing time and energy into social media. Without curated fundraising-specific content, you could be missing out on so many opportunities and potential funding.


Below are 7 benefits that social media has on development programs, especially in athletics fundraising.


Metrics. Unlike appeal letters, postcards or other printed pieces, content shared on social media can help you collect important data. Click through rates, engagement rates, popularity metrics and more are some indicators that can help you gauge success of posts, or highlight areas where you can improve to reach more viewers.

Build Momentum. With a fundraising-specific social page, you don’t have to rely on wins to drive excitement. As a fundraiser, build momentum off of the playing field, despite how the season is going. Feature current student-athletes and what support means to them, highlight your donors, alumni days, fundraising campaigns, etc.

Live Updates. Social media can serve as a live feed for fundraising updates. Just as your athletics department pushes out game stats, you can share fundraising progress. Examples may include words of thanks for a recent major gift, a shout- out to an alum for a first-time gift, a delivery of new equipment, donor spotlights and more.

Transparency. Social media is a game-changer in how transparent we can be with our donors. Utilize your social platforms to showcase how gifts are used. Share a picture of a team meal on the road, a video of new football equipment being placed in lockers, or behind-the-scenes of a new facility. Get creative to show the generosity of your donors across all social platforms.

Storytelling. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide free opportunities to tell the story of your student-athletes, coaches, donors and friends. This is a huge tactic in fundraising success. Create content that displays captivating pictures, dynamic videos and eye-catching quotes that harness the power of storytelling to garner more support.

Expand Your Reach. Social media can amplify your message in incredible ways. Not only can followers and donors interact with your content, but liking or sharing a post with their network can help spread your messaging multiple times over.

Driver Traffic. Looking for more visitors on your teams’ fundraising pages? Posting a consistent number of posts on social media can help drive traffic back to team websites. This comes in handy for sport-specific alumni events or fundraising campaigns like Giving Tuesday.

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